Monday, December 19, 2011

Van Halen - Can't Stop Loving You

classic songs.. rock n roll time.

Van Halen - Jump (HQ music video)

now this is a good song to exercise too.. jump!!!!

John Cougar: Hurts so good

ok i cannot resist a good song lol

John Cougar - Jack Diane 1982

just going to blog 80s songs for the next 10 posts i'll go back and look for more of their music in the future.

Europe - Open Your Heart

they all have interesting stories in the lyrics.. i like listening to them when i'm on the treadmill

i close my eyes

take in the words

let them speak to my soul

and uplift me.. if i'm blue

energize me...
help me reach my goal...

Europe - Cherokee

out in the desert they are making me thirsty :)

Europe - Rock The Night

some more rock n roll tunes for you...

Europe - The Final Countdown

doing a long list of songs tonight i feel like playing dj and i'm enjoying it but getting numb butt syndrome sitting here lol

Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin

it's a sin not to have fun during christmas time.. i didn't write much on the blogs tonight just wanna update and enjoy my time with family..

see you all soon!

Arrows, I Love Rock N Roll

i wonder if it will work

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lambo Go - DJ Revolver

club mix techno dance pop rock hits for writers typing tunes now...

417 hz: Resonare Fibris Solfeggio Frequency

417hz nibiru 7 the pentacles of king solomon mayas message dec 2011

Solfeggio Harmonics - 417 HZ - Transmutation

pentacle of king solomon 417hz star elam 4 nibiru 4 marduk 4 mayas message

174Hz (Single Tone) - Solfeggio Harmonics Frequency - FOUNDATION

pentacle of king solomon 174hz Venus 7 mayas message

Solfeggio Harmonics - 741 HZ - Consciousness Expansion

pentacle of king solomon 741hz Saturn 11 mayas message

Solfeggio Harmonics - Numinous Accord 963 Hz

pentacle of king solomon 963hz jupiter 13 mayas message

63-1185hz throat singing DNA

pentacle of king solomon 1185hz mars 45 mayas message

Binaural Beat (Theta) 8 Hz

3rd meditation video for mayas message dec 2011

Jupiter's 528Hz Connection (Solfeggio & binaural beats)

2nd video for mayas message mediation

Jupiter sounds (so strange!) NASA-Voyager recording

starting meditation for stars of mayas message dec 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Twitter Review - The Good and Bad

here we go again.. twitter always seems to change it's design with youtube and facebook creating a social network nightmare lol

now i gotta relearn all sorts of stuff...

here's a review of the new twitter thing and i'm not too crazy about it.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Melanie Amaro - Man In The Mirror The X Factor USA Live Show 3

Melanie Amaro sounds a bit like leona lewis, she looks like jennifer lopez and mariah carey and she's one of the fan favorites..

she's got a good future now and I hope she gets a recording contract because she's an amazing singer!

Miley Cyrus party in the usa cover by keara

pop rock music from this artist check out her youtube channel for lots of cover songs and some cool original songs.. she's even got an album for sale on itunes..

Calling you by Blue October cover by Keara

a gifted singer song writer Keara a lovely girl who has entered the Perez Hilton new artist contest. Not sure how she did but i'm enjoying her youtube videos and blogging them tonight for our rock pop writers typing tunes playlist of videos.

Linda Randall
IGC Entertainment Canada

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

space messages

NEW ORIGINAL SONG 2011 - "Freedom Dream" by SONIC KOCO

today i was working on the family tree for harry.. it's complicated and very confusing.. most of the family have the wrong birth dates and the last names are spelled differently ... what a nightmare!

also did some sketching in one note for my map of characters homes in the novel grammy's magic cottage

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011

DEVO - Fresh 80s pop rock dance music

i was looking up ASTRO from the X Factor TV Show USA 2011 and found some exciting news about him!

i've posted it on my other blog....

XFACTORUSA Astro "Short Dope Story" featuring Negus

astro brian bradley the astronomical kid is being blogged on my hip hop rap artist playlist tonight dec 4 2011 click on calendar to see more!

Brian Astro Bradley "Swagged out" x factor usa 2011 hip hop rap songs

here's some original sound tracks from ASTRO from the X Factor USA tV Show 2011.. top 7 finalist... it will be interesting to see what he does with his new career.

Brian Astro Bradley "Questions" Track Produced by Astro Brian Bradley

brian bradley best known as ASTRO on the x factor tv show usa 2011 in the top 7 finalist. known as the astornomical kid on y outube. reading his tweets he's saying that he's not signed because he doesn't have a pay check yet lol

Devo - Don't Shoot (I'm A Man) pop rock dance music

i miss not having a car.. i wanna go for a car ride now with this song...

DEVO - Step Up 80s pop rock techno dance music

the idea girl says i'm loving today's 80s playlist getting it ready for editing my novels for next week..

i'm working on grammy's magic cottage and the character profiles

going to type up all my notes then go back in and organize it

i might start a character profile thing on here to use as well

Devo Pink Pussycat

here's the 80s style of pussy cat dolls pop rock dance videos

Devo - "Time Out For Fun"

looking up some 80s pop rock dance songs from different bands that i haven't blogged before

check out my christmas stories lens on squidoo

The Helicopters - Western Skies (South African SA Pop) 80's Hit Single 1987

80s pop rock dance songs for blogging too.. just finished updating some of my lenses on squidoo linda randall and typed up some of the characters from grammys magic book series..

i'm tired from typing and trying to read my own writing LOL

"California King Bed" - Rihanna (Kellianne Safarik + Danny Padilla) Cover

musical tunes for christmas time. shopping blogging and writing novels

Friday, December 2, 2011

Lady GaGa, Shakira, Pitbull, Madonna, David Guetta feat Akon Mega Mas...

i like it when you guys make up mash up videos with various hit songs. pop rock dance music here only 4 minutes though. wouldn't it be cool if it was like 30 minutes for typing tunes?

i'm not in the mood to type too much tonight.. i need to rest.. will be back soon!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hawaii - Relaxing Music - Meditation Music - Soothing Music by J. Michel...

updating my squidoo lenses about some predictions i made about the disasters and storms for south america on nov 10 2011 and added some new links and photos of data i found to use for future forecasting.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pacific Dub - Waiting live music video reggae punk rock music

blogging this cool new band called pacific dub.. youtube videos from team canada vids on youtube.. reggae rock punk and alternative is their sound from canada.

SOJA - You Don't Know Me live reggae rock music video

sharing some brand new artists on my blogs tonight this was sent in from the team canada vids on youtube.

Redeye Empire - Oh I Say - reggae punk rock live music video

presenting a reggae punk rock band from calgary bc canada.. blogging them on nov 28 2011 on igc entertainment canada.. nice songs.. some good for music, movie tv producers.. this bands going to be pretty popular in the near future ;)

Self Awareness Invitation.MP4

words about the importance of meditation which is something i use every day to be at peace in mind , body and spirit along with the solfreggio music found on youtube or on the CDs that i buy.

Simply Enrico feat Pepouni - Oasis Wonderwall (acoustic & beatbox cover)

nice vocal here in the youtube videos i was hoping for some music videos that are recorded in a studio.. a rich sound would go well with his vocals..

Lukas Janu & Andreas Kümmert

rock songs from lukas janu and andreas kummert from europe.. enjoying.!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wynter Gordon - Night Time In the Morning

tonight i'm blogging UK pop rock dance music tunes for everyone to enjoy most videos are only 3 minutes long tonight.. sorry that's what was sent in for blogging.. and then i did a few google searches to find my new album releases from adam lambert, the saturdays and now this gal.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Top 40 Hit Music Mix - July 2011 - DJ Short-E

I know what it's like to crunch numbers at the last minute for most things. Nanowrimo is another thing for me to conquer. all the other years I managed to get my novels done and typed in two days time. this year it took me a whole week to write, type and figure out how to do the manuscript.

it was a big challenge this year because of the memory loss and back, spine and neck injuries i've had to deal with. I took some time off of my busy schedule to dedicate about 5 days to get the novel completed in rough draft state.

this week i was working on editing it and i'm at the half way mark in the manuscript so I'm happy about that.

I took a week off to relax and didn't go to any appointments. I hadn't slept in 4 months because of health issues so I needed the rest to rejuvinate, meditate , pray and ask the universe and god to heal my body.

it gave me time to think about my life and what I want to do with myself. I also got that new camera I needed badly and did tons of video shoots. Like about 130 films lol Yeah I went nuts with my new toy and had fun starting up the web tv show on the idea girl says youtube channel.

It's not professional at all, it's about my writing and blogging projects along with tips on writing, editing your novels or manuscripts. I'm not a pro, I just share with you what I learn as I go along.

Were taking this journey together. I'm reaching for the stars to become a published author novelist. I'm published as a writer already so that goal was accomplished thanks to Robin Jay's help.

Now I'm on the road to becoming an author featuring my own novels. It's going to be the goal for 2012 to become a published well known new york best selling author LOL

do you think I can get there? It will take a miracle but what I've learned is with faith, hard work and persistence we can have whatever the hell we want in life...
Track list:

1) Kesha - Blow
2) Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Remix)
3) Pitbull - Give Me Everything ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer
4) Britney Spears - Till The World Ends (Remix)
5) LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock (Remix)
6) Jason DeRulo - Don't Wanna Go Home
7) Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)‏
8) The Black Eyes Peas - Don't Stop The Party
9) Afrojack - Take Over Control ft. Eva Simmons
10) Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk
11) Enrique Iglesias - Dirty Dancer ft. Usher & Lil Wayne
12) Snoop Dogg - Sweat ft. David Guetta
13) Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat
14) Swedish House Mafia - Save The World
15) INNA - Sun Is Up

Monday, November 21, 2011


when you listen to pixie's youtube videos before she became a super star the vocals get richer and richer with the studio's recording quality.. now she' sounds so amazing.. check out here new album november 2011.

Pixie Lott - Turn It Up - Doing Fine

great pop rock dance song for our writing typing tunes playlist tonight for nanowrimo writers.. enjoy!

Pixie Lott - Want You (en español)

pixie lott is a great artist from the UK.. she's a platinum album seller and a pop rock dance hip hop rapper.. a little bit of this and that. Now i'm finding some R & B styles as well. This girl has lots of talent and various styles of songs that appeal to all sorts of different audiences from around the world.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Selena Gomez & The Scene - Hit The Lights (Lyric Video)

i like this new teen band "the scene" they blend well with selena gomez.. and i love it when they added pixie lott into a song of theirs.. i think they should do more collaborations for songs and music videos.. fans love that sort of thing!

Pixie Lott - All About Tonight

i've been blogging pixie lott tonight she's a UK platinum selling pop rock electronic dance artist.. she's done songs with selena gomez and Ke$ha.. ill be checking out any other videos she's done . her first set of songs were with a guitar in her home on youtube..

now she's a signed artist and being promoted by producers.. i like the new music much better :)

Britney Spears- Hold It Against Me (OFFICIAL FFT Studio Version)

more pop rock tunes to listen too..

Britney Spears - Criminal

new pop rock music to listen too

Britney Spears - Monster [NEW HOT DEMO TRACK] 2011

electronic house club mix dance tune here.

NEW Britney Spears - brandon hilton Locked & Loaded (LEAKED DEMO SINGLE 2010)

all this gossip it's either brandon hilton's new song or britneys lol

Lady Gaga - Scream Loud New Song 2011 ((DEMO))

what do you think of the demo playlist so far today?

Kesha - Costumized (DEMO) New Song 2011

Ke$ha changing the tunes and trying different ways to record her song..

Kesha - Bootycall (Unreleased Song) uk pop rock dance music

i agree with the comments this one should have been released. it's great!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Joe Onyero - I Came To Stay (feat. Eddie Redbeard & Lea Likar)

here's an original dance mix pop rock song ... posting videos on my blog the idea girl says.. writing about rachel crow, simon cowell and my reaction to astro's attitude last night on the x factor usa tv show..

go to and look on nov 18 2011 postings.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Keeper of the Keys Robin Jay Scott Cervine David A Fisher Film Dec ...

a cool film about being down and out and scraping the bottom of the barrel only to see the only way is up.. and how fifteen people battled with the problems of life, how they found solutions and how they can encourage you to do the same...

solar flare particles affect digital camera shots whiting it out at blue...

i was so ticked off at the lousy camera quality then i got home and found out it's because of a solar flare...

The Idea Girl Visits Blue Star Restaurant for Harry's Birthday

we had fun celebrating harry's 41st birthday in welland ontario this week.

UFO Photos Outer Space Moon Sirius during Nov 9 2011 Asteroid 2005 YU55 ...

asteroid 2005 yu55 was a big event here on earth because it got real close to us, in fact it travelled between the earth and the moon and that's pretty scary to some of us

we thought for sure we were going to see an ELE Extinction Level Event.. thank god we didn't ;)

clyde - deep space channel tv the black hole

i like debating with friends about things and beings in outerspace.. clyde is explaining what he thinks is the black hole :)

Greg Howe & Alex Feather Akimov - Search

another video to look at.. having fun while editing.. i get so bored doing it so i have to break up the time with blogging some tunes, making videos for my youtube channels and trying to get this manuscript in decent shape lol

Anchorsong - Ghost Touch [live]

recorded at unit in tokyo ghost touch oct 2011 is released on tru thoughts as a double a side single with plum rain.. electronic tunes.. anchorsongs debut album chapters is going to be released nov 29, 2011.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 Guide to the Samsung Digimax S500

I have the samsung D760 camera and I couldn't figure out what the buttons were for on the back of it. So i tried to google it with no help at all from their website

i found this video of another model that has some similar keys and buttons on it to mine. so i'm posting it here for future references ;)

ASTEROID YU-55 LIVE Shot - Nov 8, 2011 - HERE IT IS! from Central Florid...

you can see my version of this event on my channel where i look at it from the naked eye.

i could see it moving but my camera didn't pick it up

we keep an eye on the moon to see if it passes in front of it for us to get a better view..

i have 2 videos uploaded and I also share about the storms it has caused and the predictions that came true on my psychic weather blog

Monday, November 7, 2011

Strictly For The Dj's - Vahid Feat Chingo Bling "That Works" (Clean)

VaHID is a talented persian hip hop rap artist with low views on his youtube videos all around 70 to 100 so were going to blog him tonight on all my music channels and help him get more views.. play the twitter game.. pass this video on and make someone smile

especially my nanowrimo writing friends ;)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

huge comet hits the sun & double eruption Oct 2,2011

i wonder if the comet hitting the sun made some of the flares come to us

the bigger flares take 8 minutes to reach earth, not much time for us to do anything. that's why it's best to keep an eye on sun spots.

Oceanlab - Satellite (Seven Lions Remix) 20Hz

20 Hz observes a geo-magnetic storm occurring in the Earth's upper atmosphere. Working with data collected from the CARISMA radio array and interpreted as audio, we hear tweeting and rumbles caused by incoming solar wind, captured at the frequency of 20 Hertz. Generated directly by the sound, tangible and sculptural forms emerge suggestive of scientific visualisations. As different frequencies interact both visually and aurally, complex patterns emerge to create interference phenomena that probe the limits of our perception

Song:Oceanlab - Satellite (Seven Lions Remix)

Solar Flares Sea Temperatures Create Geo-Magnetic storms

solar geometric storms over earth sea temperatures raised 10 degrees 3 days before it hit oct 29 2011 linda randall the idea girl twitter

Solar Flares Sea Temperatures Create Geo-Magnetic storms

i did a tweet on twitter @theideagirl last week about the sea temperatures rising across north america from washington on the west coast right over to new york city, a few days later, a solar flare hit earth and it caused a lot of major nasty storms in this area

so i'm thinking there's some sort of tie with these two

are the particles inside the earth in this area attracting the particles coming from the sun spots?

i'll have to see what einstein says about such things..

this past year i've been researching his old notes and pdf files online and i'm finding things are starting to come true, stuff he couldn't figure out back in the 1900s but it's happening now

he did some predicitons without even knowing it

i'm always using his notes and connecting them to current issues and problems hoping to find solutions for scientists , nasa and noaa people to take a look at, even FEMA can learn from these things.

Dance Music Megamix 90's Flash House Trance - By Rickbaiano

i'm creating a new lens on squidoo called predictions - disasters- storms i'm going to keep track of my twitter @theideagirl tweets about #noaa and #nasa warnings from my dreams, visions and remote viewings.. then i'll be looking to see what comes true and collaborate the info together.

i want to see if there's a certain pattern to everything..

Monday, October 24, 2011

Majestic Dimension - Last journey

todays writers typing tunes is all about heavy hard core rock metal and thrash songs.. new albums out in october 2011 are being featured on my blogs on wordpress and blogger thanks to the artists who send their submissions to me on youtube

please subscribe to my channels (all three) and i'll sub back to yours.. each channel has different content, depending on where your interests lie in writers tips for authors, cooking, gardening, celebrity movie news (coming soon) and pets, funny, comedy tool time tim (harry's antics in home repairs) and more...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Boy Meets Girl - Waiting For A Star To Fall (480p)

working on my new heating pad so i'm going to blog the 80s pop rock dance tunes i listen too while i sew it.

Nicole Scherzinger Sexy X Factor Judge Photos 2011

i really was mad at x factor this week.. whats up with the crazy programming? i watch wednesday night expecting to see part 2 on thursday because american idol and other singing shows have pre programmed us to do it that way

and nope, i'm all ticked off when on thursday it's a total repeat.. then it announces i have to watch it sunday night!

i quit the show.. literally.. until sunday night our usual night for movies.. nothing was on so we ended up watching part 2 of the show and now it says tuesday?

i hate it when they switch everything around because new shows are coming on, it's a total tick off if your recording it and are gone to work or something and get back home to find.. it's NOt THERE.

why not put it on youtube for us to watch or online somewhere, i want ON DEMAND tv!!!!

so i can watch it whenever i want.. please! ;)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Jennifer Aniston At The Premiere Of Her Lifetime Movie "Five" In NYC

jennifer aniston, demi moore and alicia keys are the executive producers and directors for this tv series anthology called "five"

where they explore three women's lives who are dealing with cancer and see the humorous side of life...
Jeanne Tripplehorn,Patricia Clarkson,Rosario Dawson

Premieres Monday, Oct. 10, at 9PM on Lifetime
it’s a comical look at what life can be like with cancer to show people that life doesn’t end for you when you get this disease.

I just have to say jennifer is "glowing" with happiness.. it's not only her new relationship.. i think i can see a white bright aura around her because she's done something that will touch the lives of millions of people and the universe is smiling down on her and blessing her with good things *wink*

Grape Stomp King Queen Contest Montebello Park Niagara Wine Festival Sep...

i've uploaded a new video on my "the idea girl says" youtube channel where i'll be video blogging my own content. I hope to find over 500 subscribers for this channel, like i have for my "ideagirlconsulting" youtube channel.

that way i can eventually try out this monetize these videos and let you know what happens when you do that.

we have the king and queen from 2010's niagara wine festival in a grape stomp competition.

you can tell the king is much more experienced then the queen and you won't believe the outcome of this contest.. it's fun to watch.

held at montebello park, in st catharines ontario canada on sept 18, 2011.

filmed by linda randall, igc entertainment canada

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Beautiful Lie - Cory Allen Staats - Relay for Life , Boston USA, INdie Rock LIve Concert Music

Cory is a fine artist and i've featured some of his videos on my music blogs tonight along with some different artists that he's sang original songs with...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Production Journal - Day 4 - Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by ...

now i've blogged days 1 to 4 so you might want to back track to the beginning of today's posts.. i've done over seven of them so far about this michael jackson world tour event.

Production Journal - Day 3 - Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by ...

this is great seeing the people in the production and interviewing them about all the training they do and practicing for this learn how much work is involved to create a video or film.

good research material for any screen writer, producer, director wanna be.

Production Journal - Day 2 - Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by ...

this is exciting they are doing video blogging for this event, all performers need to take note, your fans love to hear from you.

why don't movie stars video blog as well?

it's a great way to talk about WHAT you personally want the public to know and not know.

you could address the issues in magazines and stuff and deny the ones that are untrue and give fans a taste of back stage scenes and clips of your latest film project.

but not actual shots of the said film, but interviews and goofing around with your cast mates.

show what foods you love to eat or clothes you like to wear

gardening? show your favorite plant and how you take care of it

or your pet , it's name and what you like to do for play time

it's a peek into your private life but it makes people content and raring to go to your next film...

we get addicted to tv shows every week and it makes us come back for more.
m ovie stars can get us addicted to their web tv programs and monetize it for themselves... too.

Production Journal - Day 1 - Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by ...

here are the notes from youtube about this event
Over the next two weeks, hear from members of the creation team coming to you from Cirque du Soleil International Headquarters, the epicenter of the creation of 'Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour'.

Greg Phillinganes, Musical Director, kicks things off with a word on joining Cirque du Soleil and takes us to where the band is setup to rehearse.

To learn more about the show and ticket information, visit:

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque du Soleil

the dance steps he did from this is it.. there's hundreds of hours of stuff they video taped, i wonder if they use some of those in this one as well or if this is from other productions that were never shown.

i'll bet he's video taped every single thing he's done over the years and now they can use that material to create concerts for the fans..

too bad they never did something like this for elvis.. now that would be something to see as well.

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque du Soleil

here's a clip of his commercial from the tv... cool to watch.

WORLD PREMIERE Red Carpet at Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by ...

notes from youtube:

Special correspondent Randi Zuckerberg reports from the World Premiere red carpet in Montréal, including some backstage cast and crew interviews.

Hear from: John Branca, Co-Executor of the Estate of Michael Jackson; Jamie King, Writer & Director; Guy Laliberté, Cirque du Soleil Founder & Artistic Guide; Chantal Tremblay, Director of Creation; Daniel Lamarre, Cirque du Soleil President & CEO; Sean "Babyface" Edmons, singer-songwriter & producer; and from cast and crew members from the show.

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque du Soleil
An electrifying production that unfolds inside the creative mind of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque du Soleil - OFFICIAL S...

the cirque de soleil is doing the immortal world tour. i wonder if they are using all the same dancers from this is it? they didn't get to tour after practicing for hundreds of hours so it will be cool if they implemented some of the dance and choreography from that tour into this one?

looks pretty cool, and i love the look of the uniforms and steps in it.

i wonder if Navi still does his michael jackson impressions and if a look a like will be used in the tour?

Prince, Paris and Blanket at "Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour" |...

the immortal world tour this is news to me, i'll have to check and see what it's all about.. it will be interesting to see what michael jackson's family does with some of his two hundred songs that were supposedly recorded over the years but never released.

they can probably release a new CD for michael every couple of years.

they should also add a song or two from omar bhatti on there and if his kids can sing, i'd love for them to do a memorial song for their dad.

i think it would be special to michael and to the world, and use the funds from that song to go to a charity that michael loved the most...

Paris Jackson // We Found Love

here is a fan's video of michael jackson's daughter in photos and video clips i love her blue eyes so pretty ;)

Ryan Hammer - Take It Slow (Official Music Video)

indie rock artist that i've been featuring on my blogs this week, check out his channel and website to see where he'll be touring next.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Behind The Beats - Studio Tour / Tutorial -Part 1

this is how a recording studio does it's thing.

"Falling Slowly" (Swell Season cover) - Matthew Jordan & Chloe Temtchine

matthew jordan and chloe temtchine made a great new video together on youtube, love it!

Jinx Author Meg Cabot - Book Review Linda Randall

I think this is my most favorite book written by meg cabot.

she tells the story of a girl who runs from her problems only to dive into a bigger pot of problems and situations where she has to really rely on her gut instincts.
i love how meg goes on about the tension in her gut and describes its sizes in terms of fruit from grapefruit sized to watermelon

to give you a visual of the discomforts of the character Jean as she learns about a historical event that took place back when witches were burned at the stake.

how she finds out she has magic powers or is a powerful witch and uses her powers to right many wrongs created by her cousin tory who is what we would call a witch with a b!

great writing, characterization, good to learn how to interact your characters and young adult reading material to study and enjoy!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Fraternal Order of Eagles Breakfast deal with Fort Erie Racetrack and Slots Casino Tokens

Fraternal Order of Eagles Breakfast deal Sundays 2063 pettit rd, FE ON 905 871 9644 and the Fort Erie Racetrack and Slots (Casino) 230 Catherine St (Bertie St Entrance across from the petro canada gas station by the QEW Fort Erie at the USA Border Bridge) Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada 905 871 3200.

the idea girl having breakfast at FOE sept 18 2011 linda randall
When you buy the $5 breakfast deal with bacon, eggs, toast and homefries, including coffee, tea or juice, you sign your first and last name on a sheet of paper and they give you a $10 token play for the Fort Erie Casino!

How's that for a deal?

the idea girl having bacon, eggs, homefries, toast for $5 at FOE  Casino coupon $10 linda randall

Breakfast is served every Sunday until 12 noon, not sure when it opens maybe 8 am?

You'll redeem your voucher at the Winners Circle Club, with your Casino card and government issued picture id.

harry and clyde at fort erie racetrack and slots casino 230 catherine st at bertie st, ON 905 871 3200

fraternal order of eagles ten dollar voucher for fort erie racetrack and slots casino harry photo by linda randall

The Fort Erie Racetrack and Slots has it's own deal as well.

When we signed up for the first time to get our winners circle vip cards, they gave us a $5 token to play, and a $10 token for a return play on another date.

winners circle club awards 10 dollar token play for forst erie racetrack and slots casino photo linda randall

They also serve breakfast there at the casino for $3 but you don't get any token deals there.

Now the FOE - Fraternal order of eagles building is up for sale as you will see in the video i'll post.  I took photos of the property and inside the kitchen and dining hall, i didn't do a whole tour.

i really didn't notice the for sale sign till AFTER i had filmed this event. ;)

I decided to let investors know it's up for sale and they want to move elsewhere?

not sure what their plans are...

st catharines physio therapy commercial for yellow pages

well this was fun filming for half a day and I get about 2 seconds of myself in this video but it's all good.

i felt like a commercial tv star lol

I was visiting during the 30th anniversary celebration and got into the video along with everyone else.

take a look here at the video.

NEW CD Pianist Jan Mulder & The London Symphony Orchestra @ Abbey Road S...

here's another film score for you to enjoy from my youtube submissions to idea girl consulting :)

i loved the movie beauty and the beast.

the music gives you goose bumps ;)

here's an interview with the composer from the film soundtrack.

John Koutselinis - Film Music Reel (Full Version) documentary writer

here is john's latest project sent in to me on linkedin.
the rocket boy was nominated for the best score for short film by the jerry goldsmith awards in 2011.

Tempus Fuji - the coven of the 7 icons movie teaser

independent movie trailer for a screenplay concept that the writer is working on.

he needs to put his name, directors, producers in the info and tags as well as the actors involved in the film idea.

Jennifer aniston style sense classic, fashionable and new york city model

Jennifer-in-New-York-jennifer-aniston-white blouse grey skirt sexy legs and heels.

you can bet anyone walking around will do a 360 ° turn when they see this pretty lady walking around town during her movie and film projects.

Her style appeals to business women all over the world.  It would be cool if Jennifer could create some fashion pieces for business women.  I think it would really take off in retail sales.

especially if she did some designs for business casual and made each item around $40 to $100 in pricing, then all of us could afford to look like our favorite director, producer, actor ;)

Justin Theroux - A royal magic wizard in the film your highness

justin-theroux-is-leezar-in-your-highness_gallery_primary photos april 2011

justin theroux is leezar in your highness R rated adventure comedy fantasy film 8 apr 2011 danny mcbride, natalie portman, james franco, dir david gordon green, wri danny mcbride, ben best

a fun role he gets to live in a castle be filthy rich, be a royal and have loads of magic powers, i haven't seen the film yet have you?

Justin Theroux - writer, director, actor megamind's father vocals

justin theroux is mega mind's father in the comical movie from 2010 a writer, actor and director starring with jennifer aniston in wanderlust in feb 2012

did you all see megamind the movie?

it's hilarious and it's definitely a family movie for ALL ages,. so if you don't have any kiddies, you will love this film as well, it's about taking over the world and proving yourself to others (something we all bend over backwards to do)

now looking at justin's (sorry i called him jason before didn't look it up, i forget things HA) IMDB list of projects he's been a very busy boy.

wonder why the tabloids haven't said a THING about that?

2011Documental (TV movie)
Jan Jurgen

jennifer aniston and justin theroux the wanderlust lovers on screen 24 feb 2012

jennifer aniston in wanderlust 24 feb 2012 with justin theroux, paul rudd, malin akerman, dir wri david wain, ken marino

good news!

for now we have to resort to reading tabloids and stories made up about our stars, but we will soon be able to watch their interviews and press conferences on youtube and other means once they start doing the promotions for the movie "wanderlust"

it's restricted and full of sexy scenes i'm sure and it's coming to theatres in feb 2012.

it will be interesting to see what happens.

will they have a baby by that time (tabloids like to speed up the process of a pregnancy they don't seem to understand the concept that it takes approximately 6 to 9 months to make a human baby)

jennifer aniston has supposedly been pregnant about a hundred times, married every man she's dated and adopts children by the hundreds.  but that's what the tabloids write on a monthly basis...

i say she's super woman if she can do all that. *wink*

Royal Marsden Cancer Unit - Kate Middleton, Prince William

the idea girl says

the mirror co uk has a story about the duke and duchess of cambridge opening up the royal marsden cancer unit.  I guess Kate did find something to do, opposite what tabloids are reporting about her being the poor lonely wife at home.

I guess they need to check their sources, kate's a busy girl *wink*

Sumsic : Je tombe , metal, rock, music, mardi gras movie trailer

two for one, cool we have a mardi gras movie trailer and a metal rock music video, cool ;)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Hot Chick (Official Movie Trailer)hilarious comedy guys love

i know i thought it would be a chick flick and that the guys would hate it.. but i was wrong.. they were killing themselves laughing and they DIDNT want to watch my CHICK flick....

ha ha ha jokes on them... have you ever seen a guy pretend to be a girl in jest?

well rob schneider takes the cake in that department and seriously i hope he was given an oscar for this stunning performance..

by the end of the movie i actually think he's a real woman..
i'll have to say he did his homework very well and it very convincing and great screenplay writing on his part and tom brady's..

the directing was perfect too. easy to follow plot line and you have a few surprises there to tickle the audiences fancy ;)

i have more in my movie review post (previous to this one)

the hot chick movie review linda randall

the idea girl says

i was laughing my ass off at this DVD we got from walmart this week for $5

now the film was made in 2000 but it's funny as hell

rob schneider and another gal switch bodies and he has to act like a girl who is a diva

talk about funny!

this you might think is a chick flick?

yes and NO!

the GUYS loved it!

they were laughing harder than me

i tested it out on those who HATE chick flicks and both of the guys give this film a huge THUMBS up!

i was enjoying the creativity and facial expressions that rob comes up pretending to be a girl..

adam sandler plays a very small part in the movie but i noticed that it's happy madison productions (his film company) that created the film.

good for him!

i missed this one years ago so I'm so happy that i took a chance on it. ;)

Collide- Howie Day (Second Avenue Cover)

acoustic song here, nice vocals...

Ricky - FALL OUT BOY - Thnks fr th Mmrs (Drum Cover)

cool music video creative portrayal i love it when you guys make interesting stuff to watch ;)

Recipe - Fresh Pico de Gallo Salsa

i've never tried this recipe but it looks yummy ;)


 Salt / pepper
Olive Oil
1 Chicken stock
1 Big Onion
2 peppers any color
2 cups celery
2-4 pounds of meat
2 Tbsp chili powder
4 cloves garlic
1 Large Can Diced Tomatoes
2 tbsp tomato paste
4 tbsp Chipotle pepper paste

Remember Green featuring Nattefrost - Electro Shock

electro music to listen too perfect for writers typing tunes playlist, editing and concentration efforts.

2+2=5 - Radiohead (I is Not cover)

indie rock song here.

Pleasantville(Full Length Version w/ Lyrics) - D.I.S.L. Automatic featur...

karaoke time for you hip hop, rap music lovers!!!

STUFFER the Trailer

the director has sent me his latest movie trailer.. here is his synopsis - SGT. Rose Vaasquez, a decorated soldier of the US Army, returns home to her husband and daughter after completing her third tour of duty in Afghanistan. Fearful that she and her family are about to default on the mortgage of their dream home, Rose has made choices to safeguard her home and family. She now returns with a dark secret...

the idea girl says wordpress will now be on blogger

hello everyone!

sorry it's been a week and I've been busy taking care of myself.

as you can see my blog the idea girl says wordpress has been suspended.

i made a mistake late one night by posting a wind mill invention that was a commercial

i went to go back and take it off after finishing watching the video and it was too late

wordpress has failed to answer any of my six emails in regards to it, so I'll have to start blogging elsewhere instead.

it looks like blogger doesn't have issues with commercials in the videos so i'll be moving the content to here for now.

as for previous content, i'll have to save up my nickels and dimes before starting my "own" domain or blog.

as of right now, since this second car accident august 1, 2011

i'm having issues with my head injury, spine and neck so my blogging is going to be minimal until i heal

i'm not sure if i'll keep this up in the long term, having my blog taken away after working so hard on it for 3 years...

kind of put a damper on me, caused some major depression and i'm asking myself if the universe is telling me to stop blogging or to move into uncharted territory.

so in the meantime. i'll create this blog and post like i normally do and see what happens..

i'm afraid to post on my other word press sites because of the way they treated me in this matter.

so after i get off my novels and stuff on there, i may change all my blogs and downsize to something smaller.

10 blogs a day is too much to handle

 i can do a few posts on the weekends.

my pills make me very tired at night which is why i've not blogged at 10 30pm as usual

i do apologize

i have many videos to make as well

i'll be posting each week whenever i get a chance and because this site has a post it.. so much faster and easier to work with..

now i have some videos to share with all of you