Friday, September 30, 2011

Fraternal Order of Eagles Breakfast deal with Fort Erie Racetrack and Slots Casino Tokens

Fraternal Order of Eagles Breakfast deal Sundays 2063 pettit rd, FE ON 905 871 9644 and the Fort Erie Racetrack and Slots (Casino) 230 Catherine St (Bertie St Entrance across from the petro canada gas station by the QEW Fort Erie at the USA Border Bridge) Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada 905 871 3200.

the idea girl having breakfast at FOE sept 18 2011 linda randall
When you buy the $5 breakfast deal with bacon, eggs, toast and homefries, including coffee, tea or juice, you sign your first and last name on a sheet of paper and they give you a $10 token play for the Fort Erie Casino!

How's that for a deal?

the idea girl having bacon, eggs, homefries, toast for $5 at FOE  Casino coupon $10 linda randall

Breakfast is served every Sunday until 12 noon, not sure when it opens maybe 8 am?

You'll redeem your voucher at the Winners Circle Club, with your Casino card and government issued picture id.

harry and clyde at fort erie racetrack and slots casino 230 catherine st at bertie st, ON 905 871 3200

fraternal order of eagles ten dollar voucher for fort erie racetrack and slots casino harry photo by linda randall

The Fort Erie Racetrack and Slots has it's own deal as well.

When we signed up for the first time to get our winners circle vip cards, they gave us a $5 token to play, and a $10 token for a return play on another date.

winners circle club awards 10 dollar token play for forst erie racetrack and slots casino photo linda randall

They also serve breakfast there at the casino for $3 but you don't get any token deals there.

Now the FOE - Fraternal order of eagles building is up for sale as you will see in the video i'll post.  I took photos of the property and inside the kitchen and dining hall, i didn't do a whole tour.

i really didn't notice the for sale sign till AFTER i had filmed this event. ;)

I decided to let investors know it's up for sale and they want to move elsewhere?

not sure what their plans are...

st catharines physio therapy commercial for yellow pages

well this was fun filming for half a day and I get about 2 seconds of myself in this video but it's all good.

i felt like a commercial tv star lol

I was visiting during the 30th anniversary celebration and got into the video along with everyone else.

take a look here at the video.

NEW CD Pianist Jan Mulder & The London Symphony Orchestra @ Abbey Road S...

here's another film score for you to enjoy from my youtube submissions to idea girl consulting :)

i loved the movie beauty and the beast.

the music gives you goose bumps ;)

here's an interview with the composer from the film soundtrack.

John Koutselinis - Film Music Reel (Full Version) documentary writer

here is john's latest project sent in to me on linkedin.
the rocket boy was nominated for the best score for short film by the jerry goldsmith awards in 2011.

Tempus Fuji - the coven of the 7 icons movie teaser

independent movie trailer for a screenplay concept that the writer is working on.

he needs to put his name, directors, producers in the info and tags as well as the actors involved in the film idea.

Jennifer aniston style sense classic, fashionable and new york city model

Jennifer-in-New-York-jennifer-aniston-white blouse grey skirt sexy legs and heels.

you can bet anyone walking around will do a 360 ° turn when they see this pretty lady walking around town during her movie and film projects.

Her style appeals to business women all over the world.  It would be cool if Jennifer could create some fashion pieces for business women.  I think it would really take off in retail sales.

especially if she did some designs for business casual and made each item around $40 to $100 in pricing, then all of us could afford to look like our favorite director, producer, actor ;)

Justin Theroux - A royal magic wizard in the film your highness

justin-theroux-is-leezar-in-your-highness_gallery_primary photos april 2011

justin theroux is leezar in your highness R rated adventure comedy fantasy film 8 apr 2011 danny mcbride, natalie portman, james franco, dir david gordon green, wri danny mcbride, ben best

a fun role he gets to live in a castle be filthy rich, be a royal and have loads of magic powers, i haven't seen the film yet have you?

Justin Theroux - writer, director, actor megamind's father vocals

justin theroux is mega mind's father in the comical movie from 2010 a writer, actor and director starring with jennifer aniston in wanderlust in feb 2012

did you all see megamind the movie?

it's hilarious and it's definitely a family movie for ALL ages,. so if you don't have any kiddies, you will love this film as well, it's about taking over the world and proving yourself to others (something we all bend over backwards to do)

now looking at justin's (sorry i called him jason before didn't look it up, i forget things HA) IMDB list of projects he's been a very busy boy.

wonder why the tabloids haven't said a THING about that?

2011Documental (TV movie)
Jan Jurgen

jennifer aniston and justin theroux the wanderlust lovers on screen 24 feb 2012

jennifer aniston in wanderlust 24 feb 2012 with justin theroux, paul rudd, malin akerman, dir wri david wain, ken marino

good news!

for now we have to resort to reading tabloids and stories made up about our stars, but we will soon be able to watch their interviews and press conferences on youtube and other means once they start doing the promotions for the movie "wanderlust"

it's restricted and full of sexy scenes i'm sure and it's coming to theatres in feb 2012.

it will be interesting to see what happens.

will they have a baby by that time (tabloids like to speed up the process of a pregnancy they don't seem to understand the concept that it takes approximately 6 to 9 months to make a human baby)

jennifer aniston has supposedly been pregnant about a hundred times, married every man she's dated and adopts children by the hundreds.  but that's what the tabloids write on a monthly basis...

i say she's super woman if she can do all that. *wink*

Royal Marsden Cancer Unit - Kate Middleton, Prince William

the idea girl says

the mirror co uk has a story about the duke and duchess of cambridge opening up the royal marsden cancer unit.  I guess Kate did find something to do, opposite what tabloids are reporting about her being the poor lonely wife at home.

I guess they need to check their sources, kate's a busy girl *wink*

Sumsic : Je tombe , metal, rock, music, mardi gras movie trailer

two for one, cool we have a mardi gras movie trailer and a metal rock music video, cool ;)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Hot Chick (Official Movie Trailer)hilarious comedy guys love

i know i thought it would be a chick flick and that the guys would hate it.. but i was wrong.. they were killing themselves laughing and they DIDNT want to watch my CHICK flick....

ha ha ha jokes on them... have you ever seen a guy pretend to be a girl in jest?

well rob schneider takes the cake in that department and seriously i hope he was given an oscar for this stunning performance..

by the end of the movie i actually think he's a real woman..
i'll have to say he did his homework very well and it very convincing and great screenplay writing on his part and tom brady's..

the directing was perfect too. easy to follow plot line and you have a few surprises there to tickle the audiences fancy ;)

i have more in my movie review post (previous to this one)

the hot chick movie review linda randall

the idea girl says

i was laughing my ass off at this DVD we got from walmart this week for $5

now the film was made in 2000 but it's funny as hell

rob schneider and another gal switch bodies and he has to act like a girl who is a diva

talk about funny!

this you might think is a chick flick?

yes and NO!

the GUYS loved it!

they were laughing harder than me

i tested it out on those who HATE chick flicks and both of the guys give this film a huge THUMBS up!

i was enjoying the creativity and facial expressions that rob comes up pretending to be a girl..

adam sandler plays a very small part in the movie but i noticed that it's happy madison productions (his film company) that created the film.

good for him!

i missed this one years ago so I'm so happy that i took a chance on it. ;)

Collide- Howie Day (Second Avenue Cover)

acoustic song here, nice vocals...

Ricky - FALL OUT BOY - Thnks fr th Mmrs (Drum Cover)

cool music video creative portrayal i love it when you guys make interesting stuff to watch ;)

Recipe - Fresh Pico de Gallo Salsa

i've never tried this recipe but it looks yummy ;)


 Salt / pepper
Olive Oil
1 Chicken stock
1 Big Onion
2 peppers any color
2 cups celery
2-4 pounds of meat
2 Tbsp chili powder
4 cloves garlic
1 Large Can Diced Tomatoes
2 tbsp tomato paste
4 tbsp Chipotle pepper paste

Remember Green featuring Nattefrost - Electro Shock

electro music to listen too perfect for writers typing tunes playlist, editing and concentration efforts.

2+2=5 - Radiohead (I is Not cover)

indie rock song here.

Pleasantville(Full Length Version w/ Lyrics) - D.I.S.L. Automatic featur...

karaoke time for you hip hop, rap music lovers!!!

STUFFER the Trailer

the director has sent me his latest movie trailer.. here is his synopsis - SGT. Rose Vaasquez, a decorated soldier of the US Army, returns home to her husband and daughter after completing her third tour of duty in Afghanistan. Fearful that she and her family are about to default on the mortgage of their dream home, Rose has made choices to safeguard her home and family. She now returns with a dark secret...

the idea girl says wordpress will now be on blogger

hello everyone!

sorry it's been a week and I've been busy taking care of myself.

as you can see my blog the idea girl says wordpress has been suspended.

i made a mistake late one night by posting a wind mill invention that was a commercial

i went to go back and take it off after finishing watching the video and it was too late

wordpress has failed to answer any of my six emails in regards to it, so I'll have to start blogging elsewhere instead.

it looks like blogger doesn't have issues with commercials in the videos so i'll be moving the content to here for now.

as for previous content, i'll have to save up my nickels and dimes before starting my "own" domain or blog.

as of right now, since this second car accident august 1, 2011

i'm having issues with my head injury, spine and neck so my blogging is going to be minimal until i heal

i'm not sure if i'll keep this up in the long term, having my blog taken away after working so hard on it for 3 years...

kind of put a damper on me, caused some major depression and i'm asking myself if the universe is telling me to stop blogging or to move into uncharted territory.

so in the meantime. i'll create this blog and post like i normally do and see what happens..

i'm afraid to post on my other word press sites because of the way they treated me in this matter.

so after i get off my novels and stuff on there, i may change all my blogs and downsize to something smaller.

10 blogs a day is too much to handle

 i can do a few posts on the weekends.

my pills make me very tired at night which is why i've not blogged at 10 30pm as usual

i do apologize

i have many videos to make as well

i'll be posting each week whenever i get a chance and because this site has a post it.. so much faster and easier to work with..

now i have some videos to share with all of you