Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Production Journal - Day 2 - Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by ...

this is exciting they are doing video blogging for this event, all performers need to take note, your fans love to hear from you.

why don't movie stars video blog as well?

it's a great way to talk about WHAT you personally want the public to know and not know.

you could address the issues in magazines and stuff and deny the ones that are untrue and give fans a taste of back stage scenes and clips of your latest film project.

but not actual shots of the said film, but interviews and goofing around with your cast mates.

show what foods you love to eat or clothes you like to wear

gardening? show your favorite plant and how you take care of it

or your pet , it's name and what you like to do for play time

it's a peek into your private life but it makes people content and raring to go to your next film...

we get addicted to tv shows every week and it makes us come back for more.
m ovie stars can get us addicted to their web tv programs and monetize it for themselves... too.

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