Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jinx Author Meg Cabot - Book Review Linda Randall

I think this is my most favorite book written by meg cabot.

she tells the story of a girl who runs from her problems only to dive into a bigger pot of problems and situations where she has to really rely on her gut instincts.
i love how meg goes on about the tension in her gut and describes its sizes in terms of fruit from grapefruit sized to watermelon

to give you a visual of the discomforts of the character Jean as she learns about a historical event that took place back when witches were burned at the stake.

how she finds out she has magic powers or is a powerful witch and uses her powers to right many wrongs created by her cousin tory who is what we would call a witch with a b!

great writing, characterization, good to learn how to interact your characters and young adult reading material to study and enjoy!

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