Friday, September 30, 2011

Fraternal Order of Eagles Breakfast deal with Fort Erie Racetrack and Slots Casino Tokens

Fraternal Order of Eagles Breakfast deal Sundays 2063 pettit rd, FE ON 905 871 9644 and the Fort Erie Racetrack and Slots (Casino) 230 Catherine St (Bertie St Entrance across from the petro canada gas station by the QEW Fort Erie at the USA Border Bridge) Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada 905 871 3200.

the idea girl having breakfast at FOE sept 18 2011 linda randall
When you buy the $5 breakfast deal with bacon, eggs, toast and homefries, including coffee, tea or juice, you sign your first and last name on a sheet of paper and they give you a $10 token play for the Fort Erie Casino!

How's that for a deal?

the idea girl having bacon, eggs, homefries, toast for $5 at FOE  Casino coupon $10 linda randall

Breakfast is served every Sunday until 12 noon, not sure when it opens maybe 8 am?

You'll redeem your voucher at the Winners Circle Club, with your Casino card and government issued picture id.

harry and clyde at fort erie racetrack and slots casino 230 catherine st at bertie st, ON 905 871 3200

fraternal order of eagles ten dollar voucher for fort erie racetrack and slots casino harry photo by linda randall

The Fort Erie Racetrack and Slots has it's own deal as well.

When we signed up for the first time to get our winners circle vip cards, they gave us a $5 token to play, and a $10 token for a return play on another date.

winners circle club awards 10 dollar token play for forst erie racetrack and slots casino photo linda randall

They also serve breakfast there at the casino for $3 but you don't get any token deals there.

Now the FOE - Fraternal order of eagles building is up for sale as you will see in the video i'll post.  I took photos of the property and inside the kitchen and dining hall, i didn't do a whole tour.

i really didn't notice the for sale sign till AFTER i had filmed this event. ;)

I decided to let investors know it's up for sale and they want to move elsewhere?

not sure what their plans are...

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