Friday, October 7, 2011

Jennifer Aniston At The Premiere Of Her Lifetime Movie "Five" In NYC

jennifer aniston, demi moore and alicia keys are the executive producers and directors for this tv series anthology called "five"

where they explore three women's lives who are dealing with cancer and see the humorous side of life...
Jeanne Tripplehorn,Patricia Clarkson,Rosario Dawson

Premieres Monday, Oct. 10, at 9PM on Lifetime
it’s a comical look at what life can be like with cancer to show people that life doesn’t end for you when you get this disease.

I just have to say jennifer is "glowing" with happiness.. it's not only her new relationship.. i think i can see a white bright aura around her because she's done something that will touch the lives of millions of people and the universe is smiling down on her and blessing her with good things *wink*

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