Monday, October 17, 2011

Nicole Scherzinger Sexy X Factor Judge Photos 2011

i really was mad at x factor this week.. whats up with the crazy programming? i watch wednesday night expecting to see part 2 on thursday because american idol and other singing shows have pre programmed us to do it that way

and nope, i'm all ticked off when on thursday it's a total repeat.. then it announces i have to watch it sunday night!

i quit the show.. literally.. until sunday night our usual night for movies.. nothing was on so we ended up watching part 2 of the show and now it says tuesday?

i hate it when they switch everything around because new shows are coming on, it's a total tick off if your recording it and are gone to work or something and get back home to find.. it's NOt THERE.

why not put it on youtube for us to watch or online somewhere, i want ON DEMAND tv!!!!

so i can watch it whenever i want.. please! ;)

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