Sunday, October 30, 2011

Solar Flares Sea Temperatures Create Geo-Magnetic storms

solar geometric storms over earth sea temperatures raised 10 degrees 3 days before it hit oct 29 2011 linda randall the idea girl twitter

Solar Flares Sea Temperatures Create Geo-Magnetic storms

i did a tweet on twitter @theideagirl last week about the sea temperatures rising across north america from washington on the west coast right over to new york city, a few days later, a solar flare hit earth and it caused a lot of major nasty storms in this area

so i'm thinking there's some sort of tie with these two

are the particles inside the earth in this area attracting the particles coming from the sun spots?

i'll have to see what einstein says about such things..

this past year i've been researching his old notes and pdf files online and i'm finding things are starting to come true, stuff he couldn't figure out back in the 1900s but it's happening now

he did some predicitons without even knowing it

i'm always using his notes and connecting them to current issues and problems hoping to find solutions for scientists , nasa and noaa people to take a look at, even FEMA can learn from these things.

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