Thursday, September 29, 2011

the idea girl says wordpress will now be on blogger

hello everyone!

sorry it's been a week and I've been busy taking care of myself.

as you can see my blog the idea girl says wordpress has been suspended.

i made a mistake late one night by posting a wind mill invention that was a commercial

i went to go back and take it off after finishing watching the video and it was too late

wordpress has failed to answer any of my six emails in regards to it, so I'll have to start blogging elsewhere instead.

it looks like blogger doesn't have issues with commercials in the videos so i'll be moving the content to here for now.

as for previous content, i'll have to save up my nickels and dimes before starting my "own" domain or blog.

as of right now, since this second car accident august 1, 2011

i'm having issues with my head injury, spine and neck so my blogging is going to be minimal until i heal

i'm not sure if i'll keep this up in the long term, having my blog taken away after working so hard on it for 3 years...

kind of put a damper on me, caused some major depression and i'm asking myself if the universe is telling me to stop blogging or to move into uncharted territory.

so in the meantime. i'll create this blog and post like i normally do and see what happens..

i'm afraid to post on my other word press sites because of the way they treated me in this matter.

so after i get off my novels and stuff on there, i may change all my blogs and downsize to something smaller.

10 blogs a day is too much to handle

 i can do a few posts on the weekends.

my pills make me very tired at night which is why i've not blogged at 10 30pm as usual

i do apologize

i have many videos to make as well

i'll be posting each week whenever i get a chance and because this site has a post it.. so much faster and easier to work with..

now i have some videos to share with all of you

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