Friday, September 30, 2011

Justin Theroux - writer, director, actor megamind's father vocals

justin theroux is mega mind's father in the comical movie from 2010 a writer, actor and director starring with jennifer aniston in wanderlust in feb 2012

did you all see megamind the movie?

it's hilarious and it's definitely a family movie for ALL ages,. so if you don't have any kiddies, you will love this film as well, it's about taking over the world and proving yourself to others (something we all bend over backwards to do)

now looking at justin's (sorry i called him jason before didn't look it up, i forget things HA) IMDB list of projects he's been a very busy boy.

wonder why the tabloids haven't said a THING about that?

2011Documental (TV movie)
Jan Jurgen

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